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If you are using internet café don’t click it for your security purposes, this is the mistake of most people. But if you’re using your personal computer, laptops, tablet or mobile phone you can click it also for your convenience and for a hassle free use of your gadgets. There will be a “check” mark to indicate if clicked it or not.After entering the verification code, and clicking the button that says “next”. The system will prompt you to reset your password. After resetting your password, the system will ask you to re-enter the password for verification and now click the button that says “next”. And after that, you can now have access to your aol account.
Once this mailing system is on board a number of services has come up. We have Gmail Webmail service, Yahoo Webmail Service, Hotmail Webmail Service. Like wise, we also have AOL Webmail Service. This is one of the first of its kind in the Free Webmail service in the world. People also call AOL Webmail service as AOL. Earlier it is famous as America Online. Later on, people have started to call it as AOL Webmail service. This has many features which makes it one of the favourites for many people across the world. Since, you are here to know how to Signup for the AOL Mail, we have provided all the steps that you require. Please Check below for further more information.
You have to select any of the above-mentioned devices for this AOL Webmail Signup process.
aolmail login
You have to select only the device that can connect to the internet or wifi connection.
Furthermore, after selecting the device, you have to turn on the wifi connection or the internet connection.
Now, you have to take the device and select any web browser such as Mozilla Browser or Google Chrome or Comodo Dragon etc.
After that, you have to enter the web browser and enter the web address in the search tool box.
After entering the web address, you have to click on the search option which will provide you with a number of options for AOL.Furthermore, enter your last name in the second blank.
You have to pick your username now which will be your AOL email address.
After picking the username, you have to select a password for AOL Account. This password is case sensitive, and it should be between 8 to 16 characters. This AOL Password should have alphabets, numerals and special characters.
Re-enter your AOL Password to confirm in the next blank.
After finishing with AOL Username and AOL Password, you have to enter your official Date of Birth in the next blank.
Now select your Gender as the next step in this AOL Signup process.
The next step is to enter the ZIP Code in the next blank.
Now you have to set a security question which is a must. This will help you to retain your AOL Mail when you lost it.
After that, you have to set an answer for your AOL Security Question.
Now you have to select your country code and enter your mobile number.
Once you finish entering your mobile number, you have to enter an alternative Email address. This alternative email address will help you to recover your lost AOL account.
Now enter the Captcha in the blank. If you are feeling difficulty with image Captcha, you can use the audio version too.
Now click on the Submit option with which your process of AOL Mail Sign up is co

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